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Your very own "Personal Yellow Pages"

Which hunt local talent for your daily needs.
Just Type, Search & Call Best Rated Service Provider Around You!
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How it works

For Users

Download the TYO app, switch on your location setting for precise result. Type the service you are looking for. Get listed Service providers on google map. Tap them for more information. Toggle it for best rated Service Provider near you. Call or SMS to reach.

For Service Providers

Service Providers account is business account which can be used to provide solutions on users needs. This account gets Calls and SMS from users. Download the TYO app, fill the basic details, upload profile photo, upload identity proof. You will register Service Provider with OTP verification.

Refer & Earn

As an User or Service Provider, you can add another service provider who does not have smart phone. Only mobile no can help them to get virtual identity. You can add N no. of service providers. Your referance will be counted and further converted to earning cash rewards.


TYO is kind of Yellow Pages which works on geographical serach which is unique feature to find local talent around you for your daily needs. We are not only targeting highly professional service provider but also the skilled persons who just step away from your home for any emergency need. Our main motto to provide a virtual platform to the "unorganized skilled work force of India. which is being ignored since independence of India. TYO is committed to reach local skills which provide our user an affordable & quality service.

About TYÖ

In daily life sometime, we need immediate services which does not allow us time to think on it. The only thing needed is quickest action.
Few of them are unexpected and surprised at that moment we get hyper to resolve it.

My water Tap is leaking, My toilet is chocked, Electrical problems (switch not working, bulb is dead), I need an immediate driver who
can drive me off. I need immediate cloth ironing. These are one of the few such immediate services, we are looking for.

So what our action, either we go with neighbours, call family & friends. Looking up in yellow pages. And What.....you ended up nothing
in your hand and problem still unresolved. So there is lack of search and right contact just step away from your home.

But now no more waiting, we come up with a unique idea to resolve your all urgency. Just download our TYO app,
type required service,search it and call directly to the service provider.

Example, You have water tap problem. Type Plumber, Search It, Call Plumber.

By this way, you can discuss the problem and get instant solution just step away from your home because all these
service provider are geographically identified for your area.

Download TYÖ app on your Android Phone


TYO Skills is geographical tagging android based application for India's Skilled/Unskilled Unorganized Work Force. Which contribute 90% of total working population.
TYO Skills work for empowerment of India's Skilled/Unskilled Unorganized Work Force. It provides Internet identity and opportunity to grow business according to skill requirement.
TYO is Finish word which means business, work, job, employment etc.
  • Go to TYO Skills home search page
  • Enter service to search - Type service you are looking for : Such as Plumber.
  • Select Plumber and click on search button.
  • All Geographical tagged plumber will be identify near your location.
  • Make sure, you must keep your GPS Location on for accurate results.
  • On Google Map, you will be seeing TYO play store icon with nos. Those icons are nothing but the Geographical tagging of Service Providers at there different location around you.
  • These icons are of two type Green and Red.
  • The Green icons Service Providers are TYO Verified ( means : Their Skills, Capabilities, Identity are verified )
  • The Red icons Service Providers are TYO Approved ( means : Their Identity checked against Govt ID Cards and Registered Address Proof)
  • The nos. inside the icons are nothing but rating of Service Providers given by users.
  • You can Zoom in and out for more Service Providers around you.
  • You can click on any of those icons as per your choice and see short description about Service Provider at the bottom of mobile, now click on More to check detailed info. about Service Provider.
  • For better results, click on toggle button at left bottom corner of screen map.
  • The toggle button give list of Service Providers according to verification and rating with info. of how far away from your location to go with the best one.
  • Click on any Service Provider to see more info about him/her.
  • The Profile of Service Provider include following things
  • Photo of Service Provider
  • Name of Service Provider
  • Multiple Skills, he/she registered for.
  • Nos of enquiries received till date.
  • Star rating by User.
  • Description of Profile.
  • Skills Categories.
  • Star Rating Feedback for User.
  • CALL button for instant calling.
  • SMS button for call back request.
  • "All Call & Sms are chargeable to User according to their mobile network service plan"
  • Without Sign in You can CALL or SMS to Service Providers up to certain limits after that you must get sign up as user.
  • Click on Sign up button on home page.
  • Fill the basic detail about you as User.
  • Mobile no. is mandatory for registration as it will be verified by OTP (One Time Password)
  • The User Sign up will ask you to "Are you a Service Provider? " if yes, then proceed for Service Provider registration. If No, then you aer registered as User.
  • After OTP validation kindly Sign in to use all function of TYO Skills app.
  • Once you start using the App with or without sign up, you are liable and bound to the Privacy, Terms and Conditions of App.

In India there are many service provider who has basic mobile phone but not a smart one to count these important and ignored Skill Provider. We have come up with unique way to get them register on our portal and make their virtual identity. As user or service provider you can add n no. of service provider in this app. The registration method is so simple that take just 2 min. to fill. By this way, you can help these unorganized Service Provider to be part of current e-commerce world.

If you would like to change any thing related to service provider on TYO app. Just fill the no. of service provider and get the OTP to edit his/her details.
TYO Points provide you the score card of No. of Created Profile (Means no. of Service Provider added till date ), List of Approved Profiles ( Approved by Admin on the basis of details provided ), List of Rejected Profile (Rejected by Admin due insufficient information, go to list and tap on Service Provider for reason ), List of Subscribed Profile which has been taken TYO verification packages ... Which is under construction now), List of Blocked Profile ( Blocked by Admin due user complain or service provider behavior, go to list and tap on Service Provider for reason)
You can use the same way of registration with valid information of service provider.
No, you cannot use single mobile no. for multiple service providers. Single Mobile no. will be registered for Single Service Provider only.
Just mail us on tyoskills@gmail.com for any support related.
Coming Soon ....!
Coming Soon ....!